Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finally Back

Not sure who still pays attention to my blog, but I've been stuck with no internet connection for a while because my mom's satellite (hate it) internet modem decided to break and we just couldn't replace it in time. I apologize for those who were expecting to learn some Chem E stuff (I haven't forgotten) and I've been thinking I'll post things as I progress this semester.  I'll be going back this weekend and classes start up monday.  As for now, I'm posting a link to a guide my friend made for the goddess system that was released in the browser game that i play for anyone who plays the game and wants to check out how this system works.   It can be found here . 

So, been wondering how everyone is doing and how everyone's summer as been.  Mine has been quite pleasant.  Worked around the house mostly and been helping my mom get by with any spare cash I have had so we could afford to eat proper meals.  Sorry to cut things short, but look forward to blogging some more in the future once settled down in my dorm.  Take care all.  :)