Friday, May 17, 2013

Legend of Edda now open

Those of you still following me, I've picked up on playing a new game.  I'll be playing on livestream once i get a good net connection, I'll be posting tips and tricks, guides and more.  Come check out my new blog on Games Campus new game called Legend of Edda if you are interested in trying this game or learning more.   You can find my new blog here.

Some info on the game:

Join the mythic battle!

An epic battle is raging between the Olympians and Titans!
As a hero descended from the gods, choose your allegiance and fulfill your destiny in the war for Olympus!

Intense PvP Action!

Engage in hardcore battles with friends or foes! Compete against the opposing realm in the various Sacred Treasure Wars for special items, skills and buffs, or enjoy open world PK, Guild Battles,
3v3 and 5v5 Arenas, and more!

Explore a rich world of lore!

Hundreds of quests take you on an adventure through a world of myth and lore! Missions, puzzles, and traps await you in numerous instanced dungeons with various difficulty modes.
Gain unique items for completing hard mode!

Create your unique hero!

Start your journey as a Fighter, Rogue, or Mage, and mature into one of 6 distinct classes with unique skills! Customize your hero with many hair and face combinations and hundreds of
costume pieces to choose from!

Build your collection!

Gather cute but powerful pets to assist you in your adventures, and collect epic or fun mounts to get you around the world in style! Gain achievements as you progress through the game with special items earned for certain milestones!

While this is the advertisement for the game from gamescapus, many of this content is to come.  OBT just started yesterday. Hope to see you all in the future. :)