Friday, April 27, 2012

Message to my friends

Thanks everyone who continues to check out my blog for new content every once in a while.  I have been extremely busy the last few weeks with my college work, and next week is final exams.  I just wanted to post a heads up that i won't be making any new posts until may 4th when my last final is over.   you all have been great and i hope to see you all next week.

 As a present for you guys who likes gaming and music, here is a piece i love to listen to once in a while when i am really focusing on my school work.  This song comes from Legend of Heroes VI: trails in the sky SC (SC stands for second chapter).  As far as i know it not yet confirmed if the second game to the trails in the sky series will make it to the usa...but i really hope it does.  the first game was epic @_@

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So how has everyone been recently?  I just finished and submitted my energy policy paper on biofuels in the USA last night.  Glad that term paper is over... :/ anyways, I don't really have much to say after looking at what some people around the world find we all should know bacon, good food topped off with bacon make life better.

First we will start off with some canned cheeseburgers.  It isn't anything too terrible...but just the thought of a nice juicy burger in a can just sounds....wrong :/

Our second treat is an actual drink in china...and it is made with, you guessed it....dissolved birds nests.

Now for our third item of nastiness.  Every time i see these little things i feel like throwing up....

Ugh...i don't even want to continue....but moving on to the forth item.  From what i hear this is a typical asian bar food.  What is with these asians.  O_o

And my last item on the list for just shocking.  imagine opening a can of these and seeing a gaping mouth full of nasty looking teeth staring at you....

I get the shivers everytime i see that is like something is going to jump as me from that can.   I would probably have more to say...but my room mate was a jerk again and woke me up and i am super tired.  Take care everyone and enjoy some...yumminess from around the world :/

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i was browsing youtube...and thought i would share some funnies today.  :) i don't know what i would do without youtube relieving my daily stresses of school and life. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

its been a little while since my last post, and i am just really busy trying to get 2 term papers done.  one on artificial heart implants for my bio-med application class and another in my energy policy class. then finals in 2 weeks plus 2 presentations i need to do on my papers....oh joy.  its hell month in my school o.o.   so what is it in this world that can possibly save us all?  one word....BACON!!  but wait i already made a post on bacon. hmm...another one couldn't hurt but...maybe I'll try some other part of a pig this time.   Well, now is the time for the main event.  Guys, i introduce you to heart attack in a can.  I've never tried this stuff and probably never will just because of how bad it is for you but then again I've heard stories of people who grew up on this stuff and lived perfectly healthy lives, so who knows.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crystal Saga, browser mmorpg

An mmo I like to play:

TL;DR?  here is the link to the game, just find Sidoh on Aquatic crypts if you want to play with me.


Hello everyone, its been a while since my last blog and i figured i would talk about an mmorpg i've been playing lately.  It is a free to play mmorpg called "Crystal Saga" published by R2games.  The game is pretty good for a browser flash game, there are many option to earn free premium currency and many options to earn most mall items in game for free by just farming gold and dungeons and selling loots.

Dungeons and Earning Stuff

Dungeons gives items to upgrade wings and mounts.  At first dungeons are very difficult, but around level 45 if you are a knight, you can farm this dungeon called Revenant's Vault duoing with a priest. Want more goodies for yourself? Make a priest alt then all your worries are solved.  This game allows multiple accounts, doesn't require a real email to play and is nice to play if you are an mmo type of a person who doesn't want to download clients and patches.


So far i have spent maybe $30 on this game in total, mainly just registered for VIP and bought a month of VIP for a friend. VIP is nice, it gives you a total of 4 afk hours (in-game grind bot) every day when server resets, a total of 3 green dragon coins which are used for this slot wheel type mini-game and i am addicted to it, gives permanent 1.5x exp and 1.5x pet exp, 3 extra dungeon runs (8 in all makes for excellent mount and wing farming) and when you make the $7 purchase you will get 700 crystal (premium currency, 1 crystal = 1 penny).  In total, VIP gives you $7 of crystal and a bunch of great stuff good for a month and is probably the best purchase you could make in-game.

Greed or Just Newbshit?

While R2games seems like they have purchases working decently, they are a new company and make greedy moves a lot of the time. Every holiday they have an event called "it pays to consume."  Basically this event will reward you based on how much premium currency you spend, doesn't matter if you earn if free or pay for it from their recharge page. top rewards and a shitty title goes to anyone who spends $3000 usd in a week.  holy shit i am not joking.  they want what my mom makes in a month and a half for a title and a bunch of free item mall items.  Therion is a gift from it....near impossible item to earn in game except on certain events if we are lucky and this item is used to make perm 2 person mounts at 100% success rate, which is useful for abusing the shit out of delivery events and grinding for torches.


Now here is where i will get into leveling on the game.  It starts out fine with the exp rate, but then it gets terribly shitty and hours of grind will give 2% if lucky.  After level 55-60, grinding is all about torches.  These little camp fires you can drop off mobs once in a while and gives at least 1% exp in the couple mins it is up.  more torches you find the faster you level.  Another way to get them is to recharge crystals on your account and you will get some as a gift.  i think the $10 recharge amount gives like 3 or 4 of them...i used to have guildies who would share torch parties with us whenever they spent it was kind of nice.

The story

Usually people tell the game's stories first, but whatever i'll do it in my order. basically the storyline is you are a revived hero who meets some people, goes through rapid time change in the first few quests then you pledge yourself to the king and learn about the dragon sword, god of all swords.  At first you are pursuing to find your own dragon sword, but it quickly turns into a war against the undead.  these certain npcs you do quests for each time you level are like your companions, i feel like i am their workhorse.  In the end when you reach level 80, finish the fight against the undead that has been released, you can choose to be reborn into a higher plane of existence, which is needed to enter future content such as angel island and necropolis.  So basically it's a search for the dragon sword while fighting the undead.

In the end

Ok, now that this is all over, you guys should come try this game with me if you like mmorpgs and want something simple. there is pvp, pixies for being reborn, pretty decent pet system, pet breeding, a fair enchantment system, good stat boosting gems are easy to make and the people here are pretty good to chat with. nice community on my server.  my details are below.

Server: Aquatic Crypts
ign: Sidoh
Level: 75
Plane: Scion
Guild:  Pornstars


Here is an image of me and the game

Saturday, April 7, 2012

well, its been a hell of a week and haven't had much time to really sit down and enjoy myself, but it is nice to be back. finally decided to go meet with my academic adviser to get my classes set together and this was not a fun meeting with her, she's also one of my professors. i am not sure who read one of my previous posts about my terrible exam and the scenario i decided to write down for shits and giggles, but she confronted me about my exam, for info just scroll down to a previous post...its there trust me. she was shocked i was even in her class as well, she told me i needed several other courses i needed to take before i would have even understood her material. issue is...she advised me to take this course this spring during the fall semester last year. makes me wonder what she is even getting paid to do... at least she let me drop the course so it doesn't hurt my gpa, but knowing i shouldn't have been there would have been nice to take a gpa boosting class instead.  this also is an issue because now i am pinned in a corner. next year is all or nothing and will determine whether i need to pay for another semester or if i could graduate.

 i get the feeling she advised me wrong knowing i could screw up with a failed required course by being blasted with 50 chemical engineering courses at once....but i will give her benefit of the doubt for now. i have all my original documents from her so if i need to try to do anything and fight her back i will be able to.  Thanks to all who actually sat through my small rant, i just wonder how many others reading my blogs have ever felt cheated by someone who is supposed to be advising them as well.

On the last note,  she told me to drop her course because she "felt" i would have the lowest average in her class and never be able to pass.  turns out my room mate was doing worse than me in her class and i had a 55 average, a 50 is needed to pass her course.  though i don't regret dropping...i need a 2.0 in chem eng classes for my chem eng gpa and a D would just suck to have there amongst my major classes.

so, to end this post for today, here is a nice video that helped me to relax a bit ;D  you nostalgia you lose.  anyways, if you guys like video games and never tried this, i encourage playing it. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alright everyone. i'm back today and finally done with exams for a while. i've been thinking of finding some new game to play and i'm not sure what yet. I am a huge rpg fan, thought maybe i'd share sone of my favorites for today that i recently played. first is mana khemia: student alliance for the psp. i guess it is part of some larger series but i can't remember it off the top of my head. i thought it was a really good game, has an excellent sound track and was over all enjoyable and not too difficult except for a couple boss battles if unprepared. Using alchemy to create everything made the game quite interesting, as there were hundreds of items and combinations you could make to unlock different items and each item created opens a panel your characters to allow for stats boost. The story line pretty much follows a guy in a school for alchemy and as years progress he learns more and more about who he really is and what he's done in the past, as he can't remember anything. it was quite a plot twist in the middle and the ending was fantastic. i recommend anyone with a psp to try the game out, and i believe this game is also on a ps2 but under a different name. here is a link to my favorite boss battle sound track and final boss theme.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

adbrite test?