Friday, April 27, 2012

Message to my friends

Thanks everyone who continues to check out my blog for new content every once in a while.  I have been extremely busy the last few weeks with my college work, and next week is final exams.  I just wanted to post a heads up that i won't be making any new posts until may 4th when my last final is over.   you all have been great and i hope to see you all next week.

 As a present for you guys who likes gaming and music, here is a piece i love to listen to once in a while when i am really focusing on my school work.  This song comes from Legend of Heroes VI: trails in the sky SC (SC stands for second chapter).  As far as i know it not yet confirmed if the second game to the trails in the sky series will make it to the usa...but i really hope it does.  the first game was epic @_@


  1. Thanks for sharing this song man ;P take good care!

  2. Good luck on your finals, work hard, play hard. See ya next week.