Sunday, May 13, 2012

i'm back

Hey guys, i know its been a while.  I'm finally back home and settled in and no more need to worry about school for a while.  How is everyone? Hope you are all doing fine.  Just want to give a little update as to what i may be throwing around here and there soon.  I am thinking of making a few blogs on a games i play, looking into more randomness, bacon, and i am hoping i might be able to get together a nice blog discussion for anyone interested in what i do in school as a chemical engineer.  i might not have the best grades, sometimes need to sit through a class 2 semesters because my first time through is rough, but in the end i really enjoy my choice of major despite the difficulty.  next fall will be my senior year, my plans are to find my books early and hopefully learn from them before classes so i may do better this year, i also have a design project i need to look at working on for another class as i hope you guys might be interested in what it is i am working on.  For those of you who think i should have been self reviewing before classes began in the first place, money has always been too tight and i never got my books until the second week of classes anyways...which may explain why i'd be behind at first as well.


  1. Definitely interested in the chemical engineer aspect! Not too many blogs about that around here...

  2. Sweet. I will start working on the basics that I learned learned last year and the year before, maybe try to give a few examples from my book on chemical engineering principles. The more advanced classes I will be taking this fall which really sums everything up, but I would like to post the principles concepts, heat transfer, reactor design and more. its nice that i have most of my notes still XD but it would be fun to share and would be a good reason for me to review in the process :)

  3. Lucky that you're out of school already, I got another month till I graduate, then off to college