Wednesday, May 30, 2012

haha.  i love how i say i'm back then disappear for 2 weeks @_@ anyways...been busy trying to find work for the summer since things are getting harder at home with my family again due to all these repairs needing to be done recently.  been looking into alot of D.I.Y. things on home repairs...putting in a floor doesn't seem like too much of an issue, i've seen a professional do it before, and my floor is caving in from just being old floor boards and a lot of moisture getting into the house.   Anyone know any recommendations for reducing moisture in older homes besides buying a dehumidifier (looking for more long term fixes).   As for wanting to post some Chem E. stuff,  i'll still be working on it.  been making some things on Word that i will eventually be able to copy and paste into here, but it still might be a little while until i actually get to post anything on it.  Anyways, thanks if anyone happens to know anyone with some nice D.I.Y blogs or happens to know a lot about home repairs/where to find nice D.I.Y tutorials.  Hope to see you all again soon. ;) have a great day/night world.

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