Saturday, April 14, 2012

its been a little while since my last post, and i am just really busy trying to get 2 term papers done.  one on artificial heart implants for my bio-med application class and another in my energy policy class. then finals in 2 weeks plus 2 presentations i need to do on my papers....oh joy.  its hell month in my school o.o.   so what is it in this world that can possibly save us all?  one word....BACON!!  but wait i already made a post on bacon. hmm...another one couldn't hurt but...maybe I'll try some other part of a pig this time.   Well, now is the time for the main event.  Guys, i introduce you to heart attack in a can.  I've never tried this stuff and probably never will just because of how bad it is for you but then again I've heard stories of people who grew up on this stuff and lived perfectly healthy lives, so who knows.


  1. Never mind cholesterol. I would never eat anything's brain.

  2. Pork brains in milk gravy? What on earth am I reading, and 1170% Cholesterol?! I wonder how that got through the FDA