Sunday, April 22, 2012

So how has everyone been recently?  I just finished and submitted my energy policy paper on biofuels in the USA last night.  Glad that term paper is over... :/ anyways, I don't really have much to say after looking at what some people around the world find we all should know bacon, good food topped off with bacon make life better.

First we will start off with some canned cheeseburgers.  It isn't anything too terrible...but just the thought of a nice juicy burger in a can just sounds....wrong :/

Our second treat is an actual drink in china...and it is made with, you guessed it....dissolved birds nests.

Now for our third item of nastiness.  Every time i see these little things i feel like throwing up....

Ugh...i don't even want to continue....but moving on to the forth item.  From what i hear this is a typical asian bar food.  What is with these asians.  O_o

And my last item on the list for just shocking.  imagine opening a can of these and seeing a gaping mouth full of nasty looking teeth staring at you....

I get the shivers everytime i see that is like something is going to jump as me from that can.   I would probably have more to say...but my room mate was a jerk again and woke me up and i am super tired.  Take care everyone and enjoy some...yumminess from around the world :/


  1. Glad you got that huge paper over with. Um, I can't see any of the pictures, but from your description, they sound horrible.

  2. can you see them now? they show up on my machine when i load my blog o.o